15 Beginner Lessons Starter Pack – Lesson 1: Introduction to Jazz Piano




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Lesson 1: Intro – Pianobreaks
Lesson 2: Playing Emotions and 1357 Chords
Lesson 3: Piano Basics
Lesson 4: Soloing and Licks
Lesson 5: Chord #2 – The D Minor Chord
Lesson 6: Right-Hand Chords
Lesson 7: The Sustain Pedal
Lesson 8: Wave Chords
Lesson 9: C Pentatonic Soloing Scale
Lesson 10: Doublets
Lesson 11: Improvising
Lesson 12: Bass Notes
Lesson 13: Arpeggios
Lesson 14: Practicing
Lesson 15: Freedom Through Improvisation

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These Beginner Lessons are available for free for you to watch online and learn from. They have everything you need to know to start playing jazz right now, so please use them to that effect and create the biggest gains in your playing that you can.


If you would like to download this 15 Beginner Lessons Starter Pack to your computer with improved annotated lessons that have all of the chords and notes written out for you directly on each video and a bonus pdf summary written by me, you can get access to all of them (the download of the annotated lessons, and the pdf) right now for only $11.95!


This includes streaming and download access to all 15 of the improved Beginner Lessons with the chords written out onto each video, and the pdf notes summary. This offer is completely optional, and you can watch all 15 of the lessons already on the site as said above, so this is just an option for you if you’d prefer to have these lessons downloaded to your computer, and with the annotations to make them easier to follow, plus the bonus PDF made by me to summarize all of these lessons in a succinct and simple way.


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My hope is that you really squeeze these lessons to the last drop for their full potential impact on your playing, as my mission is to get these lessons out to more people and have a positive impact on people’s lives, which I believe these lessons and freely expressing yourself on piano without limitations can really do. Hopefully it has for you already.


If you would like to share what’s happened for you, or if you have any comments or questions, please email me at Mark @ pianobreaks.com


Thank you for your interest in the lessons, and I hope you have a great time learning!