Breakpack 2 (Not Purchased)

Breakpack 2 Lessons

Lesson 1: Intro – Major and Minor 7th Chords

Lesson 2: Major 7th Chords

Lesson 3: Minor 7th Chords

Lesson 4: Minor 2357 Voicing

Lesson 5: Cmaj7 to Cmin7 Soloing

Lesson 6: The D Major Chord and Major Scale

Lesson 7: The Order of Flats (and Sharps)

Lesson 8: Using the Order of Flats

Lesson 9: 2357 Voicings + Hip Hop Beat

Lesson 10: Canceling Flats and Sharps

Lesson 11: Trusting Intuition and Learning Part 1

Lesson 12: Trusting Intuition and Learning Part 2

Lesson 13: Cmaj7 Cmin7 Dmaj7 Dmin7 Soloing

Lesson 14: 1 5 9 and Soloing

Lesson 15: 4-Chord Improvisation

Breakpack 2 Description

Breakpack 2 begins by introducing two new types of chords–Major and Minor 7th chords–and breaks away from the “all white keys” scale to two new soloing scales that include sharps and flats. How to find soloing scales for Major and Minor 7th chords is taught in depth by using a new concept called ‘the order of sharps and flats,’ which is a useful tool for finding soloing scales no matter what chord you’re on.

After the C Minor 7th and D Major 7th chords and soloing scales are learned, 2357 voicings from Breakpack 1 are added to them for full, two-handed chord voicings. These two new chords are then added to chords already known to create a four-chord progression that uses new scales for getting comfortable with sharps and flats.

Hip hop beat rhythms and syncopation are combined with this new four-chord progression to practice with, and you are presented with ideas on the importance of trusting yourself while improvising, and how to put more of yourself into the music you play.

New soloing techniques are added to the four-chord progression, and then 1-5-9 voicings are used to spice up the left hand while the right hand plays rootless chords and soloing scales.

Techniques from Breakpacks 1 and 2 and the Beginner Lessons are reviewed, and then combined to form a complete, real-time piano improvisation with the new chord progression.

Lesson Preview 1


Lesson Preview 2