Breakpack 3 (Not Purchased)

Breakpack 3 Lessons

Lesson 1: Intro – Syncopation and The Piano Principles

Lesson 2: Syncopation

Lesson 3: Sync – C Major 7th and D Minor 7th

Lesson 4: Sync – 4 Chords

Lesson 5: Sync – Doublets

Lesson 6: Sync – Arpeggios

Lesson 7: Sync – 1 5 9

Lesson 8: Efficiency

Lesson 9: Connecting with the Piano

Lesson 10: Playing Confidently

Lesson 11: Making Mistakes

Lesson 12: Practicing Licks

Lesson 13: Quality Over Quantity

Lesson 14: Letting Go Completely

Lesson 15: Continuity and Soloing Building Blocks

Breakpack 3 Description

Breakpack 3 begins by focusing on a new rhythm technique called ‘Syncopation’ to create unison movement in both hands.

To introduce the syncopation technique, simple chords like C Major and D Minor are used to help you become familiar with the basics. After learning the basics, the syncopation is combined with 4 chords from Breakpack 2, and with arpeggios, doublets, and 1-5-9 voicings.

After becoming acquainted with syncopation, 8 revolutionary principles for playing piano are introduced to make creating solos much easier and your playing flow more smoothly.

Lesson Preview 1

Lesson Preview 2