Breakpack 4 (Not Purchased)

Breakpack 4 Lessons

Lesson 1: Intro – Rhythm and Swing

Lesson 2: Swing

Lesson 3: Swing Demonstration

Lesson 4: Listening

Lesson 5: Vocalization

Lesson 6: Vocalization Practice

Lesson 7: Left-Hand Chord Hits Part 1

Lesson 8: Left-Hand Chord Hits Part 2

Lesson 9: Chord Hits – The 4-1 and 4-3-2-1

Lesson 10: Chord Hits – 4 Chords

Lesson 11: Chord Hits – Chord Progressions

Lesson 12: Alternating Sync Part 1

Lesson 13: Alternating Sync Part 2

Lesson 14: Alternating Sync Part 3

Lesson 15: Review, Practice Tips, and Wrap-Up

Breakpack 4 Description

Breakpack 4 starts off by explaining how to count with a swing feel. Instead of counting with simple ‘1, 2, 3, 4,’– a new way of counting is introduced to vocalize swung rhythms and set the foundations for learning how to swing.

Listening and vocalization is talked about in depth and how it helps you play piano. Guidelines for how to listen, recommendations for artists I listened to, and how to vocalize licks is covered in a call-and-response, real-time practice session.

With listening and vocalization providing a firm foundation for a swung feel, ‘left hand chord hits’ are then introduced to help make the swing feeling engrained in your playing.

‘Left hand chord hits’ are what you’ll often see a pianist’s left hand doing while the right hand is soloing, and these are essential for extending the swing feel to your left hand. Chord hits are practiced in the left hand, and swung notes in the right hand are added while the left hand is ‘comping.’ Chord progressions from previous Breakpacks are then combined for chord hits in both hands.

A new modified syncopation called the ‘alternating’ technique is also introduced later in the Breakpack.

All Breakpack 4 techniques are then reviewed, and you are given practice exercises, along with some final suggestions on how to practice everything that was taught.

Lesson Preview 1

Lesson Preview 2