Chord Progressions 1-3: Intro Demonstration


Chord Progessions

These are simple and fast lessons that teach jazz chords and soloing scales.

Whereas the 15 beginner lessons proceed slowly and methodically, chord progression lessons teach beautiful chords and scales for you to play quickly.

Made specifically for people who want to skip learning techniques and just play for fun, you will be copying note-for-note each of the exact chords being played.

Each chord and soloing scale will be explained clearly and directly too.

We guarantee that you will be able to play chords and new soloing scales within minutes of watching.

Jazz Chord Progressions #1-3 – Intro Demonstration

Jazz Chord Progression #1: A Minor to D Minor

Jazz Chord Progression #2: E Minor to D Minor

Jazz Chord Progression #3: E-Eb-D Minor