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Introducing the Ultimate Soloing Guide to Forming Licks Instantly On Piano and Absolutely Killing It Improvising With 10 New Jaw-Dropping Licks Taken Directly From Solos In Real-Time!










Soloing and Licks Master Collection 

(All 3 Soloing and Licks Packs Included)


What You Get In This Collection:


1. 20 HD video lessons downloaded and streamed to your computer in the member’s section with added video annotations and lessons that are longer than the Beginner Packs lessons (~10 and up to 15 minutes per lesson).


An email with your login details will be sent immediately upon purchasing and you will get access to the member’s section to watch and download your lessons.



2. 10 new licks literally hand-picked organically from my soloing in real-time to make sure these are licks that I actually use, and that you will want to use too.  Each lick is learned over 2 beautiful and elegantly simple chords and soloing scales.



3. The exact notes and rhythms in your right hand are annotated note-for-note for you to read on the video in real-time, and the (often unexplained) left-hand hits are also demonstrated and meticulously explained.



4. How to play each lick with both hands completely, going into the nitty gritty details and making sure you are given enough time when covering each lick.



5. 3 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee For Any Reason. To me it’s about the value that you receive, and I believe that you should only have to pay if you receive equal or more value in return for your investment.




Now That You Know A Little More About What You’ll Be Getting, Here I Address Some Possible Concerns You Might Be Having About Buying These Lessons:



Concern #1 – What exactly will I learn? And not just vague concepts, I mean I want to know EXACTLY what I’ll learn so I don’t buy the wrong lessons for me.



In this collection you will learn exactly 10 licks that are taken from my playing in real-time and many of my favorite soloing techniques, and most of all, you will learn how to form licks yourself. The licks are taught over a simple 2-chord progression, the D minor 7th with an added 4 (Left Hand – D F G A C), and Eb minor 7th with an added 4 (Left Hand – Eb Gb Ab Bb Db), which sound beautiful when you go from one chord to the other.



These lessons are different from other lessons in that these are not a typical jazz standards course where you learn how to play jazz songs and only traditional basic techniques. These lessons are much more teaching you how to express yourself using beautiful chord progressions and improvisation played by ear, rather than teaching huge quantities of theory and from only sheet music.



Rest assured that every chord and technique that you learn in here is highly applicable to learning jazz standards, and it will make buying your first jazz book and going through it that much easier, but the big distinction is these lessons teach you more than just piano. That’s really how I feel. These lessons are about becoming freer as a person by learning to express yourself.



Most of all, here, you will learn to play how you see me playing. That’s what you’ll learn, and you’ll learn how to play  in almost the same exact process as me, where you learn the best insights that I gained along the way and what I did step-by-step to learn to play this way.




Concern #2 – How do I know that you won’t go too fast? Some teachers just end up blazing through confusing stuff and I feel like I’m being left in the dust.


I am always trying to be respectful of where you are in the lessons… but I’m not perfect. There are times where I go too fast or too slow, and sometimes I will get carried away and play too crazily, and you might get frustrated at that, but let me assure you that these moments are very few and far between.



I do my best to explain things thoroughly, and help you ‘get’ each concept before going on to the next one. If I’ve done my job right, you have hopefully already experienced that care and commitment to making every lesson as simple and straightforward as can be, and for empathizing with you, and trying to be conscious of where you might be at in your learning.



The same respect and care that you experienced in the lessons already, is also present in these packs. Hundreds of people have told me how clear and understandable the lessons have been, and how personally enjoyable they’ve been for them as well, so you can fully expect that same kind of clear, refreshing, and empathic instruction to continue into these packs.




Concern #3 – I’m a little scared to spend that much, I’m just scared that I won’t get my money’s worth by the end of it.


If you do not get value, you will get all of your money back. It’s as simple as that, and that is a promise that has been upheld for every lesson pack that I’ve ever sold. My goal in these lessons is to see that you are a freer and happier person in your life as a result of having taken these lessons and learned to express yourself on piano, and these lessons are very close to my heart, so the money pales in comparison to knowing that I made something that actually helped you in your playing, and helped you go beyond where you are now in terms of your perception of what’s possible for you in piano.



If you ever feel that these lessons weren’t worth the value that you paid for them, send me an email and I will gladly give you your money back, as you deserve value for what you pay for, and I am committed to upholding that standard forever.



Also–in terms of trust and you feeling comfortable with me, I have given away 30 high quality lessons and a pdf for free for years, and I help thousands of people learn more about piano through my videos, comments, and emails. There has also always been a 100% money back guarantee, and I release free full-length lessons from each pack to make sure that you know exactly what you’re buying (below, and in the ‘Full Lesson Previews’ section).





Testimonials From People Who Have Watched the Lessons For A Long Period Of Time:


Jason (names changed for privacy purposes), from Australia


“Your videos are a fantastic kickstarter to playing jazz piano, they have you playing really nice sounding chords in a way that you can pick up quickly.



I had no prior piano playing ability before I found your videos and it really has helped me pick it up! My friends and family think I have some sort of innate talent (even though I know I am not that good and have a long way to go). The break packs got me playing straight away and the sounds you come up with when utilizing the techniques in your videos really inspired me to learn more and more.



Were it not for those break packs I think I would have given up a long time ago.




John, from Boston


“Your style of explaining mercifully cuts the crap, and you are clearly connected to the MUSIC. While I know the theory, your approach is enabling me to get past a block that I’ve been wrestling with for 45 years. (It’s true.)



Most lessons get bogged down in chord voicings and theory. Your lessons concentrate on immediate expression and fun.”





David, from Pittsburgh:


“I think you don’t know how great your videos really are to me. I have tried the formal lesson approach and never could stand getting past the beginners book. But I have always known I love the instrument, it just calls to me and feels so warm.



But the formal stuff feels cold, and when they are teaching me, I almost get the feeling that I love the instrument more than most of them, I just don’t know how to work it well yet. So I took to teaching myself everything, and I search so many places online, but everywhere is the same.



But then I saw your videos, and I could tell that you love it in the same way I do. And that’s when I knew I had to learn from you.









Testimonial Video











Unleash Your Inner Potential, Learn to Relax, and Enjoy Yourself Playing the Piano!


My biggest wishes are that you are able to tap into the dormant potential of yours that wants to enjoy playing the piano, but that may not have the chance to express itself yet, and that you of course get equal to or more value than what you pay for, because that exchange of positive value for you means a lot to me.



For these lessons to have that kind of value to you, I know it is necessary that you are able to touch that piano potential in you, and I have done everything I can in my instruction and methodology to ensure that you will. Many people have realized that they are not as bad at jazz as they think, and that the piano can be used as a beautiful place for self-expression, relaxation, and a break from all of the stresses of life where you can take care of yourself and connect with your own well-being.



Are you ready to learn some insane jazz piano chords and improvisation right now? If you are, it’s really easy to get started. Just click below to buy the lessons, and you’ll be watching them within minutes!



Click Here to Unleash Your Inner Jazz Piano Potential and Solo Like a Natural, Forming Improvisations From Your Own Intuition and Breaking Through Your Limitations Like A Champ!












The Soloing and Licks Master Collection Summary:


1) 20 HD Jazz Piano Lessons Downloaded and Streamed Instantly On Your Computer/Ipad/Mobile Device–teaching you 10 new licks and beautiful improvisation techniques over a simple but beautiful 2-chord progression, “how” to improvise and forming licks for yourself, and more. Note: These lessons are annotated with the notes for each chord and right-hand lick in real-time on the video and are much longer than the Beginner Packs (often around 10 and sometimes up to 15 minutes each lesson).



2) First Priority With Email Responses and Personalized Recommendations For Your Particular Situation.



3) 100% Money Back Guarantee For the First 90 Days.



What more do you need? It’s as simple as that. These lessons will change the way you look at your playing forever, and you will experience a new freshness that you never imagined you could have towards playing, guaranteed or your money back.



Take the plunge, learn that secret language of improvising that you never thought you could discover for yourself, but now you can, through a new way of looking at it that you’ve needed for so long.



Come on the journey in these lessons and I promise you your life will benefit from learning how to organically express yourself on piano and relax, letting your soul speak through the piano, bringing with it a sense of peace and comfort.



If you have any questions for me, or would simply like to share your story, please don’t hesitate to email me at Mark @ Pianobreaks.com, and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 🙂


Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this, and I sincerely hope that these lessons help you in your goal of learning jazz piano improvisation!










Soloing and Licks Master Collection Lesson Preview 1

Soloing and Licks Master Collection Lesson Preview 2



Soloing and Licks Master Collection Full Lesson List


Soloing and Licks Part 1

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Soloing and Licks

Lesson 2 – D Minor 7th w Added 4

Lesson 3 – Eb Minor 7th w Added 4

Lesson 4 – Ab Pentatonic

Lesson 5 – #1 – Chordal Lick

Lesson 6 – #2 – EAE Interval Lick

Lesson 7 – #3 – Chordal Whole Step



Soloing and Licks Part 2

Lesson 1 – #4 – F-A-C-E Duh-Diga-Duh

Lesson 2 – #5 – Stepping Stone Pattern

Lesson 3 – #6 – F-A-C Triad Lick + Soloing With Intervals

Lesson 4 – Swing Pointers

Lesson 5 – #7 – C-Pentatonic Doublet Lick + Raindrop Technique

Lesson 6 – #8 – Downward Arpeggio

Lesson 7 – #9 – Inversion Licks



Soloing and Licks Part 3

Lesson 1 – #10 – F-Ab-Bb-C-Eb Duh-Diga-Duh

Lesson 2 – Swung 8th Note Transition

Lesson 3 – Bunch of Useful Soloing Techniques

Lesson 4 – All Licks Part 1

Lesson 5 – All Licks Part 2

Lesson 6 – How to Create Your Own Licks