Soloing and Licks pt. 2 (Not Purchased)

Soloing and Licks pt. 2

Lesson List


Lesson 1 – Lick #4 – F-A-C-E Duh-Diga-Duh


Lesson 2 – Lick #5 – Stepping Stone Pattern


Lesson 3 – Lick #6 – F-A-C Triad Lick + Soloing With Intervals


Lesson 4 – Swing Pointers


Lesson 5 – Lick #7 – C-Pentatonic Doublet Lick + Raindrop Technique


Lesson 6 – Lick #8 – Downward Arpeggio


Lesson 7 – Lick #9 – Inversion Licks

Soloing and Licks pt. 2 Description

In this pack, you’ll learn 10 new licks, taught over two beautiful chords and soloing scales. You’ll learn how to play each lick with both hands completely, which means NO glossing over the details and NO leaving you behind to fend for yourself when learning each lick. Each lick is literally hand-picked organically from my soloing, in real-time, to make sure these are licks that I actually use in my playing and that you will use too.


For each lick, the exact notes and rhythms in your right hand are annotated in real-time, note-for-note, on each video for you, and the (often unexplained) left-hand hits are demonstrated and explained clearly on how they should be played before moving on to the next lick.


These are personally some of the best piano lessons we have ever seen or created, on any subject. We hope you find them useful. Don’t take our word for it though. Below are full free lessons taken from this lesson pack.


Full Lesson 1

Full Lesson 2