Pianobreaks.com – Terms of Service

– Pianobreaks.com – Terms of Service –


This is the service agreement for purchasing Pianobreaks digital media and Lesson Packs from the service provider known as Pianobreaks, or ‘Pianobreaks.com.’


By purchasing a Pianobreaks Membership, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. The Pianobreaks Membership is a pay-per-pack service. You will be charged once for each product or pack of lessons bought and retain full access privileges to them.  The only exception to this is if you request a refund or are given a refund for your purchase for any other reason.


2. You have read the product contents listed on the sales pages for each product or service, and know exactly what you are buying (i.e. You have read the Break Pack 1 lesson list and descriptions, and understand that it is streaming and download access to 15 Break Pack 1 HD video lessons in the member section of the site… etc.).


3. Pianobreaks.com offers a 90 day money-back guarantee to return the lessons for any reason. This guarantee must be used within the first 90 days, and can only be used to refund a specifically purchased pack once (i.e. no buying Break Pack 1, getting a refund for Break Pack 1, and then buying Break Pack 1 again and getting a refund again). All refund requests can be sent to members@pianobreaks.com.


4. Pianobreaks.com reserves the right to revoke any member’s product or Break Pack privileges for any reason, and at any time (this will be rarely used, if at all). If this right is used, a full refund will be given for the 2 most recent products purchased, and the member will be removed from the system.


5. Pianobreaks.com will not be held liable for any damages (i.e. viruses and other data transmitted through the internet) to your personal property as a result of downloading or streaming any Pianobreaks content (video lessons, digital media content like PDFs, audio mp3s etc.). Rest assured that Pianobreaks is scanned constantly for viruses and security threats, and all content is uploaded and streamed securely, and direct-to-file, so this should rarely, if ever, be an issue.


6. Pianobreaks Member content is for members only. All Pianobreaks lessons and digital content are the sole copyrighted property of Pianobreaks.com. Free lessons and free digital media can be shared freely with others, but Pianobreaks products and member content (i.e. Break Packs, lessons, digital media, mp3s, etc.) are not to be redistributed under any circumstances. Any duplication and/or redistribution of member content is strictly prohibited, except as noted in the following case.


7. Pianobreaks.com is aware that there are many ways to extract videos from sites regardless of precautions, and understands that some members may download the video lessons to avoid having to stream video content. Pianobreaks.com fully supports you downloading your member content, as long as it is for personal viewing only (meaning you do not redistribute it, share it, or profit from it in any way).


8. The ‘Pianobreaks Terms of Service’ will occasionally be updated, and it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the terms. You are bound by any changes made to these terms of service (any significant changes will be bolded with a reference date and/or may be announced by email,  but Pianobreaks.com will not make any huge changes without some kind of notification). These terms may be accessed on the ‘Pianobreaks Terms of Service’ page at http://pianobreaks.com/pianobreaks-terms-of-service/ at any time.


9. Pianobreaks.com will do its best to keep the member content available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as consistently as possible. Occasionally, website updates and service interruptions may occur, and we will attempt to restore member access as soon as is practically possible. Any liability for server or content downtime will be limited to maintaining website availability and reestablishing access to purchased member content.


10. You are held responsible for any information you disclose in the comments section of the video lessons, and anywhere else on the site. Pianobreaks.com is not held liable for any comments you make, and comments or postings that are, (including but not limited to) slanderous, obscene, threatening, disrespectful of others, or violating of the law in any way will not be tolerated. By agreeing to these terms you understand that Pianobreaks.com has the right to terminate any member’s account, at any time, and will exercise this right to protect other members from harassment and/or abuse if another member is found to be breaking them.


11. Your information will never be shared with anyone, except in the case of a request from government or law enforcement agencies. Pianobreaks.com does not store any credit card information (credit card numbers, expiration date, etc.). Information such as your name, address, email, and password is automatically stored as a member, and will never be shared with anyone or used for any purpose other than to identify you for refunds, cancel your membership, or to correspond with you via email.


12. While this information will not be shared under any circumstances except legal matters, it is still recommended to choose a unique password for your Pianobreaks account to avoid any issues with privacy or serious cases of stolen information. Pianobreaks has taken and still does take many precautions for securing the website from hackers with vulnerability scans and pre-emptive security measures, but it is best to be safe.


If you have any other questions about these terms, please email support@pianobreaks.com.